Catalog orders processing

Ordering by telephone is an aspect of retail that's not going to disappear any time in the near future. While online shopping continues to appeal to more and more consumers. Online order taking systems are great at making ordering easy, but web store pages and individual item pop-ups are limited at answering detailed questions about a product or service. Print catalog order taking systems can be ported to a web store format, but traditional customers might prefer traditional methods of speaking with a customer service representative over the telephone. This means that all retail and wholesale trade businesses need to develop an order taking system that serves their longtime customers, and also helps attract new business.

A great order taking center, staffed by truly knowledgeable and trained professional, is the lifeline of any retailer who has a web store and a print catalog. When callers interact with the order taking reps who are selling your products, you want to make sure they're personable, professional and have the information they need to quickly and completely answer customers questions. Not every order service can fill all of these requirements.

Xplore Infosystems can provide your business (print or web) with a call center staffed by the best order taking professionals in retail. Our talented order takers are happy to help your customers with their purchases, and happy customers will spread the word about your company's great customer service. Our order taking service runs on proven technology and software. We can easily accommodate high-call volume ordering clients. Our order taking database programmers make it possible for your order taking representative to quickly retrieve the answers to any questions.

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