Customer support

At Xplore Infosystems, we understand the importance of each customer interaction and effective problem resolution. We enhance customer experience from first contact to final resolution by serving your customers through prompt, accurate and complete responses. Our operations leverage a full range of contact center technologies, such as client/media interactions, data management and analysis, infrastructure and security, including automated solutions, such as IVR and automatic email handling, to facilitate differentiated customer contact handling.

At Xplore Infosystems our primary focus is on making every customer a customer for life. We place that same focus on our clients customers. We want to make sure that every phone call that we handle results in something positive that your business can build upon.

Our highly trained operators are always available to handle your customers need, concerns and problems. We will process your customers’ requests, as well as answer any questions about your products and services. We will also take every necessary action to resolve any and every issue, so they leave with an unmatched level of satisfaction.

Various inbound voice based support we offer are:

  • Phone answering services.
  • Up-selling & cross-selling services.
  • Claims processing services.
  • Product information request services.
  • Online customer support services.
  • Directory inquiry services.
  • Payment collection services.
  • Insurance claims processing services.
  • Pre-Sales support.