Market surveys

As a marketing decision maker, developing critical marketing intelligence requires looking at survey results from a 30,000 foot overview perspective. Sometimes, market research needs to make broad strategic changes in how your organization goes to market. Are your customers in need of a new service to complement a product that you or competitors offer? Can you better understand who in the marketplace you truly compete with? If you could talk directly with engineers using your products would they offer feedback that could create market opportunities for you? These are the kinds of questions that market intelligence surveys can answer.

Analyzing your Strengths and Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats through Critical Market Intelligence Research.

Developing market intelligence allows you to thoroughly understand your marketplace:

  • How do your prospects use your products or services and/or competitor’s products or services in their business?
  • Which companies are your prospects and customers currently working with?
  • What is their satisfaction level with products, process and services currently offered?
  • What would they improve or change if they could?
  • Where do your customers place the highest value – service, product quality, etc.?
  • What media do they use to inform their decision making (magazines, internet, trade conferences, etc.)?

Without the ability to understand the role your organization plays in the mind of prospective – and existing – customers, you can’t successfully develop and position products to gain market share.