Order taking

In one way or another, modern business relies on the old-fashioned concept of order taking. Accurately recording orders is part of the operational procedure at some level in any business, across any industry and field. When order taking is mismanaged, problems tend to accelerate. It’s important to find a reliable order taking service that matches skilled order takers with the technology that will ensure that data is recorded accurately and securely.

Xplore Infosystems’s order taking service can play a supporting role in accurately recording and delivering the important messages that make your business run. Telephone order taking naturally is a key part of operating a retail or wholesale business, a service business, a restaurant-take out and delivery service or catering company. But our order taking service can also help internal departments in your business run more smoothly. As your company grows, department needs expand.

You can outsource some or all of internal order taking tasks and give your staff more time to focus on other work. Have our order taker representatives accurately complete purchase orders and requisition requests over the phone for your employees, and your purchasing department will focus on getting the orders filled. We can take messages for your Human Resources or Payroll manager and fill simple requests for information and forms. Imaginatively using our order taking service can help your operations run more smoothly.